Saturday, February 4, 2017

PETA’S “Caredivas” – a fabulous musical tribute to our selfless OFWs

PETA’s CAREDIVAS depicts Filipinos as loving people. It is a musical play that pays tribute to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who endure the pain of being away from their families, just to guarantee them of a comfortable life back home.

PETA Caredivas
CAREDIVAS Official Poster

The main characters in the play, namely Chelsea, Shai, Kayla, Jonee, and Thalia are transgender caregivers in Israel by day, who have their individual stories to tell. At night, these friends transform and become drag performers!

PETA's Caredivas
First Show (February 3, 2017, 8pm) Cast

PETA's Caredivas
With Ricci Chan who plays the lead singer, Kayla
PETA's Caredivas
With Myke Salomon who plays the fugitive Faraj
PETA's Caredivas
Jason Barcial as Thalia, with her towering head dress

But more than being caregivers and drag performers, they are caring sons/daughters, siblings, friends, and lovers, who put the welfare of other people before their own, even if it means risking their own lives just to protect the others. The superb acting– both comic and dramatic – by the artists on stage combined with the music by Vince de Jesus (who happens to be one of the actors, as well) will leave you laughing and crying at the same time.

PETA's Caredivas
With Sir Vince de Jesus, Musical Director, who also plays Shai

PETA's Caredivas
Support cast, Eric dela Cruz and Gold Villar-Lim

Written by Palanca Award-winning playwright Liza Magtoto and directed by Maribel Legarda, Care Divas reminds us that there are still reasons why we should be proud of our race, despite everything that is currently happening in the country. A Filipino, indeed, is a family to everyone; and being with a Filipino, is being at home.

PETA's Caredivas
With the cast and crew of PETA's Caredivas

Treat yourself to a fabulous, entertaining, and heartwarming theater experience. Watch Care Divas now! The play will run until March 19, 2017. Reserve your ticket via Ticketworld or via PETA's Facebook page.

PETA's Caredivas
We also deserve the crowns!

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