Monday, September 12, 2016

Workshop Weekends: PETA Theater Arts Workshop Is More Than A Performance Training

THEATER ARTS WORKSHOP is a better alternative for personal development and leadership training programs that companies can consider.

The 12-day Theater Arts workshop in PETA that I attended from July 30-September 11 has taught me valuable lessons that I could bring with me as I go back to my workplace.

1. Focus on your objective. All your actions and reactions must be guided by this objective.
2. Do not be afraid to take risks. Plunge in. You cannot discover your limits unless you are brave enough to break the monotony.
3. Look at things from different perspectives. Be creative in exhausting possible solutions to a problem.
4. Collaborate. There is no monopoly of knowledge. Everyone has his or her own genius. There is no small or big roles. Let everyone shine.
5. Be sensitive to the people you work with. Listen intently. React accordingly.
6. Prioritize. Be critical in selecting the details that you will highlight. Drop irrelevant details that could weaken your message.
7. Be open for criticisms. Respect each other and remain humble. These will keep the team stronger.
8. Never let your teammates fail during the actual show. Their failure is also yours. Be ready to catch them when they are about to fall.
9. Do not stop. Be committed and persistent. Finish what you have started. The show must go on.
10. Love what you do. Have fun. That is the only way that you can sustain your energy.

I will be forever grateful for this experience. I will definitely miss my Saturdays and Sundays spent in PETA Studio with my awesome (and crazy!) "siblings" in theater and our nurturing "parents" (facilitators). More than a training center, PETA Studio has been a home, and these people have been a family.
I encourage everyone to build their characters through theater workshop. It is truly worth it.

Visit PETA's Facebook page for details.

Below are some of our photos and a video during our final showcase:

PETA Workshop Weekends
With my awesome (and crazy!) theater siblings

PETA Workshop Weekends
Re-enacment of our version of "Creation". God created everyone equal.

PETA Workshop Weekends
Our youngest sister, Ani, delivering the piece that she composed about racism.

PETA Workshop Weekends
The performance on child trafficking with myself, Micha, and Hanna.

PETA Workshop Weekends
Rolyn (our Irish friend) delivers her monologue about a foreigner's view
on Philippine culture and politics.

PETA Workshop Weekends
Acting as sea creatures, Kat, Fons, LA, Sam, Steena, Red, and Karl, showed
the importance of the freedom of expression.

PETA Workshop Weekends
Raph, Ninz, Chin, Sam, Mike, and Ani in "Ding, ang Bato!",
a performance on extra-judicial killings.

PETA Workshop Weekends
Edsel delivering his intense piece about his anger and frustration
about what he observes in the society.

PETA Workshop Weekends
Receiving the Certificate of Completion

PETA Workshop Weekends
I'm proud of my newfound family!