Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Theater Review: "Ang Walang Katapusang Sequel", A “Hugot”-Rich Play

Any love story will sell. What more if it’s filled with hugot lines? Then, it will surely be a hit. In fact, the more it hurts, the more it sells. Antrosininglaya’s “Ang Walang Katapusang Sequel" (AWKS) proved that this theory is true.
Antrosininglaya Theater Company
"Ang Walang Katapusang Sequel"

Last June 3, 2016, my friends and I were able to catch the initial performance of AWKS in A Space, Makati, across Greenbelt. The venue was set up as if it were an acoustic bar, and we, the members of the audience, were seated on the floor. To make it more ambient and interactive, we were also allowed to drink beer (yes, they were selling beer!) while listening to live acoustic performance (which was part of the play).

Antrosininglaya Theater Company
Live acoustic performance, with audience seated on the floor 

AWKS was a flashback to that one night where the love stories of the five friends unfolded in different acts. Of all the acts, my favorite was the same-sex love story of Vincent and Chris because of the beautiful lines that the characters delivered. Meanwhile, the most entertaining act would be that of Tina, a chubby girl who got attracted to Ryan. It elicited the most laughter because the actress was naturally funny.

Antrosininglaya Theater Company
Vincent and Chris

Antrosininglaya Theater Company
Tina and Ryan

Antrosininglaya Theater Company
Alice and Jake

Every millennial could identify with each of the love stories in the play. Although not everyone would agree with how the play ended, one thing is for sure --- one would love to see more (especially that all of the actors were good looking!)

Written and directed by the young and talented Alvin Molina, AWKS will have a rerun on June 24-25, 2016 at Splice Restaurant, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City.

Antrosininglaya Theater Company
AWKS is the unfolding of the love stories of these five friends

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