Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Spend Happy Moments at Island Cove in Kawit, Cavite

Kawit Cavite Hotel
Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park
Nestling in Kawit, just a few minutes’ drive from our home in Lancaster New City, Cavite, lies Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park, which features recreational amenities for the ultimate family enjoyment. I booked an Island Cove overnight accommodation thru Agoda.com for Php 4,000+ inclusive of breakfast for two adults (kids were free of charge!). We celebrated Mothers’ Day there last May 8, 2016, and it was quite an experience.

The O Hotel

I love the Deluxe Room where we stayed. It’s clean with two comfortable twin beds, perfect for the five of us – my mom, my sister, my brother-in-law, my two-year-old niece, and myself. It had a balcony overlooking the garden and the playground. I love the bathroom that had a bath tub. For entertainment, it had a flat-screen TV connected to SkyCable. However, the cable signal during our stay was intermittent. Another concern was the very weak WiFi connection inside the room. If you wish to get connected to the Internet, you had to go to the lobby where the signal was the strongest (no wonder, a lot people were in the lobby!)

Kawit Cavite Hotel
Twin beds inside the Deluxe Room

Kawit Cavite Hotel
Toilet and Bath
Kawit Cavite Hotel
Shower and Bath Tub

Kawit Cavite Hotel

The Oceania and Other Amenities

Island Cove boasts of Oceania, an enormous pool with several types of slides. Except for me, my family went swimming because it’s my niece’s favorite activity! I really think she was born to be a mermaid.

Kawit Cavite Hotel
Gigantic slides at the Oceania's swimming pool

Adjacent to Oceania were other amenities, such as the Maze (for teambuilding), table tennis facilities, firing range, among others. Bikes could be rented if you want to explore the resort in an “eco-friendly” way. Landscaping and the art installations scattered around the resort made strolling around the place really enjoyable.

Kawit Cavite Hotel
Bicycles for rent

Kawit Cavite Hotel
Maze Challenge

Kawit Cavite Hotel
Tennis Court and Basketball Court

Kawit Cavite Hotel
Table Tennis Facilities

Kawit Cavite Hotel
Firing/Shooting Facilities

The Sangley Point

We had our breakfast at Sangley Point where they offered buffet breakfast priced at Php 499/person, thus, we had to pay an additional Php 998 since the free breakfasts were good for two persons only. They had a wide selection of delectable breakfast from various types of rice, porridge, congee, Pinoy dishes, breads and spreads, pancakes, and salads, among others. It’s quite pricey, so you must ensure to maximize what you pay (Tip: eat brunch so you don’t need to spend for lunch anymore!)

Kawit Cavite Hotel

Kawit Cavite Hotel

Kawit Cavite Hotel
...and more food!

The Wildlife Sanctuary

My niece loves animals. In fact, when she celebrated her 1st birthday, “Zoo” was the theme. At the age of two, she can already identify the more familiar animals, such as dogs, cats, birds, cows, butterflies, and dinosaurs, among others. Thus, we made sure that we visit the Island Cove Wildlife Sanctuary before we left. The Tram (shuttle service) brought us to the Sanctuary. As expected, my niece was amazed at the sight of ostriches, sheep, snakes, iguanas, crocodiles, and monkeys! The sanctuary was so vast that it could accommodate more animals! Kudos to Island Cove for protecting the wildlife!

Kawit Cavite Hotel
The Tram (shuttle service)

Ostriches eating bananas from my niece's palm

Zookeeper holding a python

Herd of sheep

Sleeping crocodile

Family Picture!

We checked out at exactly 12 noon and went home, since we needed to go to Valenzuela to vote. Truly, it’s not the length of time you share with the people you love that matters. Rather, it’s the quality of the moments that you share together that really counts. I am happy that I found a place near our home where I can relax and unwind with my family.

Happy Mothers' Day, Nanay!

Visit Island Cove’s website, http://www.islandcovephil.com/

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