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Theater Review: Yugto Theater Ensemble’s “Open The Door” at Mabuhay Restop, Manila

Yugto Theater Ensemble
Open The Door Poster

Yugto Theater Ensemble’s (YTE) “Open The Door” written by Harrold Saliba and directed by Marco Viana, is a one-act stage play that seeks to assess how we think as voters. Dubbed as a “talk-variety-game-magic show”, the production is very relevant as the May 2016 Election is fast approaching.

In the “game show”, Mac, the funny host, opens the "mini-doors"(D-O-O-R) for Umma Madlasin, a re-electionist for Punong San Sinibayan. Each door has different proofs of her assumed evil deeds, which she needs to deny or justify. It is an interactive show where the members of the audience have the chance to speak and defend their judgment of Umma, whether she is guilty of the charges against her, or not. According to the game, "lahat ay inosente hangga't hindi nababahiran ng panghuhusga".

“Open The Door” is a dark comedy. During the discussion at the end of the play, I asked the playwright his reason behind the selection and sequence of the charges against Umma Madlasin, as well as the inspiration for the set (dominantly pink, as if you’re attending a debutante’s party), costume (think of Hunger Games's Capitol), and characters (again, Hunger Games). While it seems funny and entertaining, the real story is quite disturbing as it makes you question how you judge people, or how you select (and elect) people leaders – will it be based on competence or morality?

Yugto Theater Ensemble
Mac (the host), the bear, and Umma Madlasin

Yugto Theater Ensemble
The interactive part of the show (prizes were given away, too!)

“Open The Door” was staged at Mabuhay Restop, Ermita, Manila last February 26-27, 2016, at 3pm and 7pm, respectively. It will be touring schools soon. 

Yugto Theater Ensemble
Mabuhay Restop, Manila

Congratulations to the actors, playwright, director, and all the people behind this production that aims to effect positive change in the society. We need more of this in this day and age.

Yugto Theather Ensemble
The awesome cast of "Open The Door"

To know more about YTE, visit their Facebook page.

(I've stalked the members of Yugto Theater Ensemble via Facebook. And, I fell in love with them even more. Each one is an inspiration, indeed. After all, they are alumni of Mapua! They are engineers, architects, graphic artists, etc. AWESOME.) 

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