Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Twist To Your Sinangag/Sinigang: Kanin Club’s Sinangag Na Sinigang

Wondering how to creatively spice up your usual fried rice? Kanin Club has the answer, its bestseller, Sinangag Na Sinigang! Priced at only Php 250 per serving, which is good for two persons, Sinangag Na Sinigang is a complete meal already, as the dish (Sinigang) is already mixed with your fried rice (Sinangag).
Kanin Club
Kanin Club's Sinangag Na Sinigang

According to my friend, Ms. Jho, who tasted if for the first time at Kanin Club Greenfield District, “lasang lasa mo ang sinigang hanggang sa huling kanin!” – that’s how delicious this dish is. As she couldn’t get over with the taste, she would ask her mom to experiment and prepare the same dish!

Kanin Club has other bestsellers which are equally succulent as Sinangag Na Sinigang, which I would feature in the future posts. Visit their Facebook Page for their menu and other updates.

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