Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Shoe-pping" at The Marikina Shoe Museum

After our 3-hour lunch at Rustic Mornings at Isabelo Garden last January 17, 2016, we decided to visit the Marikina Footwear/Shoe Museum, which was just a few steps from the garden restaurant (Good thing that it was open on Sundays!)

Marikina Travels
The Gand (L-R): Vins, Shiela, Mars, and Me

The entrance fee to the museum was Php 50. It’s a small, bi-level museum that keeps a collection of 3,000 shoes.

Marikina Travels
First time to step into this museum. Incidentally, I was wearing
Swatch, a Marikina-made shoe brand.

Upon entering, one would have to register and pay. In return, he/she would receive a newsletter and a pamphlet about Marikina. A museum tour guide would explain what visitors could see inside.

Marikina Travels
Cindy, our museum guide

Cindy was the one assigned to us. According to her, the structure was built in 1880. It used to be an arsenal during the Spanish time, a waterpool during the American occupation, and a rice mill during the time of a certain Tuazon, one of the wealthiest men in Marikina. In February 16, 2001, under the leadership of then Mayor Bayani Fernando, the building was converted into a shoe museum.

Cindy showed us a diorama featuring an “areglo” (lady fixing the top part of the shoe) and “sapatero” (men fixing the bottom part of the shoe).

Marikina Travels
Shoemaking Diorama

She also showed us a 3-ft tall shoe made of pure leather and beside it was a tower of shoelast made of wood. Shoelasts are used to shape the shoes.

The three-foot tall pure leather shoe,
behind it are the shoelasts

The museum also features a collection of shoes from different countries, shoes from different personalities in the Philippines (they donated their shoes), and the 800 pairs of shoes of – guess who – Imelda Marcos, herself!

Marikina Travels
The Iceman's Shoes
Marikina Travels
GMA's shoes are just among the many shoes displayed here.
Marikina Travels
Some of Imelda Marcos's 800 shoes on display!

What I loved about the museum were the shoes that won the annual shoe design competition in Marikina, as they proved how creative the minds of Pinoys are. Seeing the shoes reminded me of the play “Rak of Aegis”, where different designs of shoes were showcased, validating that there is no limits to imagination.

Marikina Travels
Marikina-made shoe brands

Marikina Travels
Sarimanok-inspired shoes

Marikina Travels
Other footwear with unique designs (winners of annual shoe design competition)

Visit The Marikina Shoe Museum if you have time.

Marikina Travels
Yes, I'm going! Gala Pa More!

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