Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What Gym For The Heart Performance Workshop by Sipat Lawin Ensemble Teaches Us About Ourselves

I’ve been getting in touch with Sipat Lawin Ensemble for quite some time because I’ve been wanting to join their Gym For The Heart Performance Workshop. I’ve been a fan of Sipat Lawin actors since I saw them perform in Virgin Labfest in 2014. I also love the performances that they stage and their advocacy of bringing “theater” to the community.

At last, last August 15-17, 2015, I was able to experience the workshop that has taught me to “dive in”, to be conscious of my surroundings because “everything is valid”, and to kill complacency by looking for “unsafe places” when the “unsafe becomes safe”.

Part of Theater-In-A-Backpack, Gym For The Heart Performance Workshop is a three-day workshop composed of activities that would help discover one’s self so that he can unlock his potentials, push himself to the limits, and relate well with others.

Held at Pugad Lawin Studio in Ermin Garcia, Cubao, Quezon City, the workshop would always start with a “check in” where one would just share his feelings at that moment and would end with a “check out” where he would express his thoughts prior to leaving the workshop.

After one or two activities, the participants would be asked to write on the journal and these realizations would be discussed during the sharing sessions. I appreciated this portion a lot because I was able to listen to how my co-workshopper, Ian, interpreted the learning from the activity, and got to compare my realizations with his. Our bubbly facilitator, Clyde, made us realize that all the activities that we did were necessary to improve how we perform. All the learning would be integrated in the recital to be held on the third day of the workshop.

My recital photo. I was the one who did the set design! 

My co-workshopper, Ian, delivering his intense monologue

I am personally thankful to the experience. It was physically and emotionally draining at times, but it’s the beauty of it. What I learned from the workshop was more than lessons on performance, but lessons on how I could become a better person as I work with others. I am a proud product of this workshop.

With our very bubbly (and strong!) workshop facilitator, Clyde

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