Sunday, July 5, 2015


Theather enthusiasts braved the stormy weather to watch the SET B of Virgin LabFest 11, the blockbuster set that was the quickest to be sold out, probably because of the crowd drawer play by Nick Pichay, "Macho Dancer: A Musical", which opened the next night with a blast.

Yes, this is the big night.

Aside from "Macho Dancer: A Musical", SET B features equally commendable plays, "Huling Huli" about the "sex for fish trade" penned by Herlyn Alegre, and "Ang Nanay kong Ex-NPA" co-authored by Genevieve Asenjo and Em Mendez.

Nick Pichay's crowd drawer play, "Macho Dancer: A Musical"

At first, one would think that "sex and flesh" might be the selling point of the set, with topless sexy men gyrating on stage (Macho Dancer) and actors and actresses insinuating sexual acts (Huling Huli) of poverty and rebellion.

Herlyn Alegre's "Huling Huli"

The cast of "Huling Huli" with its director, Lawrence Fajardo

The power of the plays lies in their irony: the depressing state of our country is found between the comic lines in the play.

Genevieve Asejo's and Em Mendez' "Ang Nanay Kong Ex-NPA"

The cast with the writers and directors

The stories remind us not to judge people. Each has his own story of survival for the ones he or she loves. We all have, even the macho dancers, the sex workers, or the rebels.

VLF SET B is definitely worth your money.

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