Saturday, July 4, 2015

Theater Review: The Virgin Labfest XI: Sariwa - Set A

The Virgin Labfest XI tarpaulin outside CCP
I commend the combination and sequencing that VLF did for the plays in SET A.
It started with a story of crime and deception in Layeta Bucoy's "Uod, Butete, at si Myrna", followed by Job Pagsibigan's time travel story of scientists in "When Sam Meets Jo", and ended with Maynard Manansala's teacher-student romance story in "Dalawang Gabi".
The set promises that the audience will leave the theater laughing and highly entertained, despite the sensitivy (and "heaviness") of the social issues tackled in the first play.

Audience should watch for the superb acting in "Uod, Butete, at si Myrna", particularly, that of the actor who played Uod; the funny dialogues between the time-traveling characters in "When Sam Meets Jo"; and the memorable hugot lines in "Dalawang Gabi", and how the lead actress delivers these in comical way. (I particularly like the lines "Wala pa ba ang pizza? Nalipasan na ako ng gutom...Pa-cancel na please. Paasa ka, eh!" delivered by Meann Espinosa in "Dalawang Gabi").
Layeta Bucoy's "Uod, Butete, at si Myrna"
Job Pagsibigan's "When Sam Met Jo"

Maynard Manansala's "Dalawang Gabi"

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