Monday, April 13, 2015

Tastebud Treats: CIBO’s Te Freddo Limone –’s Best Iced Tea In Town! hailed CIBO’s Te Freddo Limone as the best iced tea in town. Thus, in my post-birthday celebration with Mars and Khu (with me, we form the 3MARs – MARk, MARilyn, MARicor) last April 12, 2015, in CIBO Shangri-La, we asked for glasses of Te Freddo Limone first! Indeed, the iced tea tastes great – not so sour, and not so saccharine. To top it all, each glass cost Php 95 only! I have not been drinking iced tead for a while to avoid too much sugar in take (according to an article I’ve read, bottomless iced teas are what make people who eat out fat! Hahaha!)

Cibo's Te Freddo Limone, claimed as the best iced tea in town!

Apart from the iced tea, we ordered Prosciutto di Parma (Php 390) and family-sized Alfonso Rigatoni (Php 640). I love the creaminess of Alfonso Rigatoni! 

Prosciutto di Parma

Alfonso Rigatoni
For our dessert, since it’s my birthday celebration, we shared a slice of cake given by CIBO.

Slice of cake from Cibo!

It feels good to be sharing food with positive people. Just like their wished for my 29th birthday, I hope that the coming year will be still be a year of blessings.

3MARs - MARilyn, MARicor, and MARk

(After dinner, we catched the last full show of “You’re My Boss”, and fell in love with --- Batanes!)

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