Friday, February 27, 2015

Plays in 2015 I: Tungkol Kay Angela (a play by Joshua Lim So)

Mind-boggling. This is how I would describe “Tungkol Kay Angela” a play written by Joshua Lim So, which was awarded First Place in 2014 Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for full-length play in Filipino. The play was directed by Banawe Miclat and was staged in Tanghalang Huseng Batute at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

"Tungkol kay Angela" poster

It’s a play set in the future, around 50 years after EDSA Revolution. There were only three characters in the play – Pa, Ma, and Fred (performed by Roeder Camanag, Angelina Kanapi, and Vincent Kevin Pajara, respectively) . Pa and Ma had stayed in their house for as long as they could remember until one day, Fred knocked at their door. They welcomed him, invited to dinner, and talked about Angela. But who is Angela? Who is Fred? --- These puzzling questions make watching the play exciting!

“Tungkol Kay Angela” is one of those plays that you would want to discuss with your friends over a cup of coffee immediately after they “closed the curtains”.

My bestfriend Harold, myself, and Ma'am Jina Andaya, my former trainer in high school journalism, who's a also a Palanca awardee! We had a coffee after the play and discussed our views about what we saw.

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