Friday, February 27, 2015

Playback Performance I: Musikal! - A Musical Theater Celebration of CCP's 45th Year Anniversary

Mars and Me

"The best hangover is the one that you get from watching a musical", said Isay Alvarez, before closing the first night of Musikal!, a musical theater presentation of the Cultural Center of the Philippines in celebration of its 45th year,last September 5, 2014.

That statement was, indeed, correct. Apart from giving me the "best hangover", it was able to help me forget my problems for a while. Among the 22 plays that were included, I was able to watch the full theater production of only three of them, namely, Sa Wakas, Rak of Aegis, and just recently, Sandosenang Sapatos. Seeing portions of other musicals being performed on stage, made me want to see them all (I wish there would be re-runs!)

After the program, I met with my friend Mars who was also there. After having photo-ops with the theater actors and playwrights, we discussed which among the plays stood out, and which performances deserved citations.

Our Top 10 Picks In Alphabetical Order:

Batang Rizal
Magsimula Ka
Rak of Aegis
Sa Wakas
Sandosenang Sapatos
Zsazsa Zaturnah

Special Awards:

Actor of the Night: DJ Myke Salomon ( I never expected he could sing and perform the way he did!)

Actress of the Night: Isay Alvarez (She appeared in three of our top picks!)

Best Ensemble: Rak of Aegis (Truly an awesome cast!) ang Batang Rizal (they remind us of Speech Choir participants; the actors just enjoyed being on stage, acting like kids!)

With Gold Villar, one of the actors of Rak of Aegis

Best Production - Drama: Himala (The entire story was captured already in what they showed)

Best Production - Comedy: Maxie (my choice) and Zsazsa Zaturnah (Mars's choice)

Best Vocal Performance - Ebe Dancel, Supremo (I am a fan! It's as if I was watching him in a concert!)

Best Costume Design - Sandosenang Sapatos ("Humanized" shoes)

Best Use of LED Screen - Caredivas (the mirror ball/disco lights effect)

Best LSS Effect - "Basang-Basa Sa Ulan", Rak of Aegis

All-Time Favorite - Rak of Aegis
The Palanca-winning writer of Rak of Aegis, Ms. Liza Magtoto

The part that gave me goosebumps and led me to crying, though, was the last part when all the actors were on stage and they were singing these memorable lines ---

"Ang lingap mo ay hahanap-hanapin
sa entabladong minsan ay sa akin
At kung ako ay malimutan, kahit sa awit ko man lamang
Iyo sanang matandaan bago tuluyang lumisan
na minsan ang minahal ay ako" ---

while paying tribute to various icons of Philippine theater.

Musikal! will run until September 6, 2014. If you still have time to buy tickets, do so.

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