Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tastebud Treats: Wee Nam Kee's Pork Barbecue Noodle

It’s ironic that my first entry in this blog is about a farewell dinner.

Last January 15, 2014, I had a dinner with my bestrfriend and housemate, Harold, at Wee Nam Kee, Edsa Shangri-La Mall. Harold and I had been housemates for almost six months, so his decision to resign and go back to his previous work quite saddened me. However, as I told him, pursue whatever makes him happy.

It was my first time at Wee Nam Kee. Located at the ground floor of East Wing , Wee Nam Kee is a cozy restaurant that serves Hainanese delicacies.Surprisingly, the prices of their food are quite affordable. 

I was satisfied with what I ordered. Both the pork barbecue and the noodles were sweet, or should I say “malinamnam”. I love the “stickyness” of the noodles, actually..And the soup had a soothing effect – I don’t know. It just felt good.

As they say, farewells lead on to a new beginnings. As for me, this signifies the start of a long journey to blogging. Belly good.

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