Friday, July 11, 2014

Tastebud Treats: Good Burgers - All Lean. All Good.

Along Shaw Boulevard, across from Shaw 500 and beside the spacious Goldilocks resto, sits Good Burgers. As the name suggests, it offers healthy burgers, with the option of having chicken or all-veggie as patties.

For the health conscious, all their products are definitely a must-try. They have 11 flavors to choose from, among which, Persian Burger and Bacon Mozza Melt are the best sellers for veggie and chicken patties, respectively.

One has also the choice of choosing among three sizes, namely:  Good, Better, and Best. Costs vary accordingly (see pricelist). Selection for add-ons, side orders, and drinks are also available.

The burgers taste really good, even without catsup and mustard! Indeed, Good Burgers is worth trying. If you are within the vicinity, they can also deliver the orders at your doorsteps.

Good Burgers. Belly good.

Belly Good Burgers! Yummy and healthy!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tastebud Treats: Pizza Hut’s Crab Salad Roll

Because I had to wait for 3 hours before seeing Wicked The Musicale at the Cultural Center of the Philippines last January 29, 2014, I felt the need to look for a place where to "kill time".  I thought of buying coffee from Starbucks SM Mall of Asia, but the place, as usual, was jampacked. So I just decided to grab something to eat from Pizza Hut, just across from the famous coffee shop.

I wanted something light, so I bought Crab Salad Roll for Php 185. It was my first time to order that salad – and that was exactly what I wanted at that very moment! Apart from being light, it’s also healthy! Crab Salad was actually 6 sets of vegetable strips and crabsticks wrapped around thin lumpia (spring roll) wrapper. The salad dressing made the flavor perfect. Crab Salad Roll – belly good!

Crab Salad Roll - Perfect Light and Healthy Food!

Tastebud Treats: Wee Nam Kee's Pork Barbecue Noodle

It’s ironic that my first entry in this blog is about a farewell dinner.

Last January 15, 2014, I had a dinner with my bestrfriend and housemate, Harold, at Wee Nam Kee, Edsa Shangri-La Mall. Harold and I had been housemates for almost six months, so his decision to resign and go back to his previous work quite saddened me. However, as I told him, pursue whatever makes him happy.

It was my first time at Wee Nam Kee. Located at the ground floor of East Wing , Wee Nam Kee is a cozy restaurant that serves Hainanese delicacies.Surprisingly, the prices of their food are quite affordable. 

I was satisfied with what I ordered. Both the pork barbecue and the noodles were sweet, or should I say “malinamnam”. I love the “stickyness” of the noodles, actually..And the soup had a soothing effect – I don’t know. It just felt good.

As they say, farewells lead on to a new beginnings. As for me, this signifies the start of a long journey to blogging. Belly good.